Do you suffer from stress or need a “Me Time” moment? Then give yourself some time and let yourself be pampered with a delicious relaxation massage. We take care of your Feel Good and help you to regain balance

Massage foto merk Sothys
Massage foto merk Sothys

Price: €17,50

Duration: 00:15 hours

Ingredients Sothys: various Sothys, suitable for your skin

Suitable: for all skin types. ♀♂

Price: €18,50

Duration: 00:15 hours

Ingredients Sothys: green tea, geranium, rice grains, sugars, volcanic stone powders, bitter orange flower

Suitable: for all skin types. ♀♂

Product advice: Gommage sublimateur silhouette (exfoliërend) en Sérum Jeunesse corps fermeté

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